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For practice portal user and avid coder
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  • check Doubt Assistance on All Public Practice Questions
7 days trial
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For non-practice portal user
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is GeeksforGeeks Premium and how is it different than before?
As we wish to provide the best for you, we have come up with more features on our website to give you the best user experience possible. Premium GeeksforGeeks has been introduced to provide you with quality content and features at a minimal price!
What is the duration of the subscription plans?
The subscription plans that we are providing are for a period of 1 year.
Do the subscription plans get auto renewed after 1 year?
Yes, they do. We wish for you to have a hassle free experience with our subscriptions plans and have therefore put in place an auto renewal system when the plan expires after 1 year. This will take place after receiving permission from the user for auto renewal. In the case of INR mode of payment, auto-debit will not be taking place and the user must renew the subscription themselves.
Can I revoke my subscription after 1 year?
Yes, you can. After the plans reach their expiration date, you do have the option to revoke your subscription after 1 year.
But if you wish to cancel the subscription in the middle of the plan, you may do so but the purchase is non-refundable.
What do I get access to?
Through our newly launched Premium plans, you will get access to Ad-free Content, Free Access to Job and Internship Opportunities, Discussions Forum with Industry Experts*, Doubt Assistance Platform* and much more!
Can I try the Premium plans before purchasing them?
Yes, you can! Before purchasing either one of the plans, we offer a 1 week free trial so you may see the features that the plans entail and make a purchase accordingly.
What modes of payment do we accept?
We use PayPal Gateway as a form of payment for our subscription plans.
Can I shift/upgrade my plans in between the duration period?
The user gets a 1 week free trial to choose a suitable plan and make a purchase accordingly. After making a purchase, the user is allowed only to upgrade to a plan, i.e., Premium to Premium +, and is not allowed to downgrade from his plan in between the duration period.
The upgradation is done only after the user has paid the difference which is according to the number of days left in his current billing cycle.
Can I transfer my subscription to another user or my new e-mail ID?
Even if the user holds two email IDs, they are not allowed to transfer his subscription. Similarly, they are not allowed to transfer their subscription to another user.
After purchasing the Premium+ subscription plan, can I get access to the courses offered by GeeksforGeeks?
The GeeksforGeeks Premium plans offer you features like ad-free content on GeeksforGeeks and all subdomains of it. In Premium plus, you also get doubt assistance for free on all practice coding questions. The subscription plans don’t include any courses or doubt support on courses. You’ll have to purchase the courses separately. Also, you don’t receive doubt support for any course, on purchasing the subscription of the GeeksforGeeks Premium+ plan.
I have some questions to be answered but they aren’t listed here. What do I do?
Please do contact for any further queries.
* These services are offered on our Premium+ Subscription Plan.